Akki's Cupcakes Takes The Cake

BizWorld launched its winter cohort of the exciting, life-changing YES! Program where high potential young entrepreneurs create and develop thriving businesses! YES! builds confidence and breaks down barriers to propel youth businesses to success.

Here, we feature Akki’s Cupcakery & Tea whose CEO, Akeila Tejwani, is a determined and ambitious 14-year old who wants to provide healthy sweet bakery options to her customers. We interviewed Akeila so we could take a peek into her exciting world of healthy, baked goods and her desire to practice philanthropy by giving back to kids’ charities in San Antonio, Texas.

1) Tell us a little bit about who your company is and what interested you in starting Akki's Cupcakery & Tea?

I wanted to come up with healthy, vegan options for people to enjoy the baking savories. Lots of people are not able to enjoy all the baked goods due to an unhealthy amount of calories found in baked products at grocery stores. Also, the ingredients used by them are not healthy for overall health and fitness. Through my bakery, it will help the community in San Antonio and also fulfill my desire to be a health-conscious baker. I started with Tea but very soon realized that it is not a feasible business and can get messy, so I’m only focusing on cupcakes and cakes.

2) What do you hope to learn and get out of the YES! Program?

I want to learn:

a) better financing and budgeting skills

b) sales skills

c) customer management

d) time management for an equal balance between business and personal/school life

e) How to grow my business in other cities

f) What are the challenges other entrepreneurs face and collaborate with them

3) What do you feel has helped you with launching Akki's?

I feel the support from my family and my passion for baking have helped me tremendously to get started and get the business to this point. I have had a passion for baking since I was four years old.

I also believe that sticking to my family core values of HUGPC (Health and Happiness, Upright, Gratitude, Pay forward, and Continuous learning) has brought me here. I have implemented Health and happiness by encouraging organic eating, and Pay forward with profit-sharing with five kids charities in San Antonio.

My sister, Nikita, pushed me to learn new recipes along with her. My mom helped us taste and find new recipes that can fit our customers, and my dad made an awesome website and is conducting online marketing that kept us ahead of our competitors. Currently, we spend a minimal amount on our marketing and still get plenty of orders!

Lastly, my grandma has always encouraged me to do my best, helps me in the kitchen, and inspires me to be happy like her at 80!

4) What is your superpower? And how has it guided you in developing your business?

My superpower is determination when I want to get something done I will push through and get it done. I want to stick by my core value of being upright and say what I mean and mean what I say. My determination has pushed me to get better at baking, to learn new skills like website development, and to improve my sales skills. I also set a goal of giving back $3,000 and kept that note in front of my eyes every day so that I knew what my end goal is for all my efforts.

I was able to open the business and give back more than $3,000 to kids charities in San Antonio in 2020. My determination has allowed me to learn and make recipes to deal with multiple dietary restrictions. I started with 5 recipes and now we have more than 50 recipes on our website!

Congratulations on your success, Akeila!

We look forward to helping you to learn finance and sales skills, as well as how to grow your business in other cities. We applaud your forward-thinking mentality and your philanthropic spirit by giving back to various kids’ charities!

The YES! Winter Cohort opened on January 25th and is scheduled to run until April 8th, 2021. The summer cohort application deadline is May 14th and is scheduled to run until August 27th, 2021. Both cohorts will have the opportunity to participate in the YES! Demo Day and pitch for start-up investment scheduled on September 17, 2021.

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