BizMovie At Ford Elementary in Richmond, CA

Check out our KTVU Channel 2 spotlight at Ford Elementary here.

" came into my classroom in April, and I am so glad they did! helped my students understand the complexities required to start, operate and finance their own movie production company. My students were able to receive real-world, financial literacy skills in an incredibly engaging, creative and collaborative way. My students were excited that they were able to be creative and create their own animated short films. They also created advertisements and sold movie tickets to their films. The overall experience with and the BizMovie curriculum which they used during their visit is a resource that all students should experience."

- Mr. Francisco Ortiz, 6th Grade Teacher


"My students really benefited from your program and were very happy when I suggested that we do another movie on a book that we are currently reading in class. I found that the presentations were very well done and many of my students who I was worried might be a problem during the class actually were very involved. Having them re-write a book that has been published has made them really delve into the book to understand what the author was trying to tell them. I hope that I will be able to put all of the different chapters together for one movie...I want to commend your staff on a fantastic three days in our classrooms giving our students a purpose to be there. I think that all of our students learned from the experience, and I actually learned some parts of the Business World that I did not know before."

- Mr. Richard Perrault, 6th Grade Teacher

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