BizWorld Academy - Chevron was proud to host one of our local Bay Area 4th grade classes at a 2-day camp at Chevron headquarters in San Ramon, California. camps introduce the BizWorld program to students in a business setting. The corporate atmosphere of Chevron and presence of their wonderful employees inspired the students to thrive in their roles as mini-executives. The students learned about 21st century skills of entrepreneurship, financial management, teamwork and leadership while putting into practice their math and reading skills to make their companies a success!

Chevron employees were able to give back to their community and serve as mentors to the students. In the pictures you can see Chevron employees helping the students as “company advisors”. Many of the Chevron employees were able to fulfill the role of “shoppers” in the Sales Bazaar at the conclusion of the camp. Thank you to Chevron for your support and involvement in such a wonderful event!

The teacher and students had some thoughts to share with us as well:

Sherri W., a 4th grade teacher from California wrote:

"My students are learning so much about finance and business—real world applications of math, with collaboration opportunities that are all embedded in our Common Core Standards. One of students who struggle with learning was chosen to be the CEO of her company. She had to pitch an idea and present it to the professionals at Chevron, who were acting as consultants for our students. She was so impressive; it brought tears to my eyes."

"Simulations are my favorite way to teach students, and I know memories of working as a team to plan how they would pitch their business to venture capitalist or decide whether they should borrow money to start their bracelet companies, coming up with names and logos, and keeping track of expenses will follow them for many years to come."

Student Quotes

"Dear Chevron,

You guys rock! I had the best time ever! You guys had the best hospitality. The food was awesome! You guys are awesome! I learned so much from you. Thank you so much for taking time out of your work to teach us about businesses. There were so many consultants there to help us. My dad always says stuff about profit...I never knew what he meant. Now I finally understand him. And you know what; I think I'll start a business of my own.

From, Lahith"

"Dear BizWorld,

Thank you for teaching us about making your own business. I learned that you have to work together to make a company. I enjoy learning about it. I would like to thank all the consultants. They did a wonderful job helping us. You rock! P.S. I learned that you always have to write in your ledger.

Thanks, Zoe"

"Dear BizWorld,

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity! It helped me learn a lot more about business. I had so much fun making bracelets. I also had a great time selling them to the people who work at Chevron. You helped me so much by teaching me about revenues, profits, expenses and lots more. I never knew you had to keep track of the money you earn and spend. It's much harder than I thought. Thank you again so much!

From, Maya"

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