BizWorld Expands to Japan Expands to Japan

On May 19th, we announced that BizWorld expanded to Japan. Sayuri Tanaka, CEO of BizWorld Japan, is leading the new entity operated by IKIRU LLC. We now have 11 international partners outside the United States - it’s very exciting!

“’s goal is to reach one million children around the world by 2025” said Charlene Vaca, Interim Executive Director of “We believe in inspiring youth to do extraordinary things by preparing them early with an entrepreneurial mindset to reach their highest potential. We are pleased to help our newest partner in Japan be proactive in providing their students an opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship.”

By providing children (in the primary education levels) with opportunities for entrepreneurship education, BizWorld Japan hopes to foster an entrepreneurial "mindset" that is not widely spread in Japan yet. According to a survey by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), Japan ranks 50th out of 50 countries in terms of "business knowledge and skills”. The country also does not rank very high in the category of "not afraid of failure". In addition, although Japan consistently ranks high in the OECD's PISA academic achievement survey, both its motivation to learn and it’s self-esteem are low compared to other countries. This is a very serious problem for Japan.

“Just as BizWorld has 20 years of history, entrepreneurship education for primary education in Japan has 20 years of negative history”, says Sayuri Tanaka, CEO of BizWorld Japan. "We are very happy to have joined the BizWorld family. The introduction of a full-fledged entrepreneurship education is both innovative, exciting and needed.BizWorld will finally open the door for this critical type of primary education in Japan, and I am very grateful to BizWorld for giving us such an opportunity.”

BizWorld Japan’s goal is to restore the self-esteem of all children through the BizWorld program. They would like to support the ability, willingness, knowledge and experience to create value for someone else. If the academic skills of the Japanese people are combined with the "skills," "knowledge," and "mindset" of entrepreneurs, the number of people who can play an active role in the world will definitely increase even more in the future. In order to achieve this, Bizworld Japan will focus on training instructors who can teach the entrepreneurial mindset.

BizWorld Japan will start inviting Japanese entrepreneurs and businesspeople who are active in the world to participate in this project. In the near future, as entrepreneurship becomes a commodity, the organization will introduce BizWorld’s entrepreneurship education into Japan's curriculum guidelines.

“Our growing list of International partners are motivated by a desire to increase awareness about financial responsibility and business, and build an entrepreneurial mindset in their young citizens,” said Charlene Vaca, Interim Executive Director of “Like our teachers in the U.S., our international partners are focused on preparing their youth for the global economy and marketplace.”

Want to learn more about becoming an international partner? You can join the family too (what link would you send them to?)

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