BizWorld Firsthand Experience: Daniel Martis (Part 1)

By Daniel Martis, 23

I'm 23 and work in the finance field. The first time I attended a Bizworld event, I had hardly stepped out the elevator when I was met with a group of youth trying to sell me products they had made. One girl explained to me that she was part of Bizworld and that Bizworld taught her and her classmates entrepreneurship skills including marketing, accounting, finance, and operations. I was blown away by these kids' amazing entrepreneurship and finance skills and I was instantly intrigued by Bizworld. These kids had been taught great interpersonal skills, including cooperation and compromise for the good of their company. They learned to talk things out and listen to everyone's ideas, really thinking through the long-term ramifications of their decisions. After being in the work world only a few short years, I understand how critical these skills are, and I saw for myself that they can be learned at a young age.

Learning entrepreneurship and business finance skills in elementary and middle school is an invaluable experience which can enrich these kids lives in any profession they choose. Having majored in business, I wish I was given the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship and finance as a child. It's an opportunity and privilege every kid should have. I was so impressed with the children I met and what they learned that I got really motivated to get involved. So now I'm a volunteer and looking forward to helping this organization reach more kids that need these programs. If you are passionate about providing kids with exceptional educational opportunities that will better prepare them for life and their careers, join me!

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