Preparing Our Next Generation with BizWorldPRO

Here at we wholeheartedly embrace the entrepreneurial mindset. We truly believe in ongoing learning, reflecting, and improving. And we’re constantly asking ourselves, how we can do better. How can we better equip our students for successful futures? How can we better support our dedicated educators in this mission? And how can we better reach the students that need us the most?

We found our answers within our own community of passionate teachers, district leaders, budding entrepreneurs, volunteers, and supporters. So this past year, we leveraged the diverse ideas and wonderful resources and embarked on our mission to create the next generation of BizWorld: BizWorldPRO.

Here’s how we did it.

Over years of working with classrooms across the country and globally with our international partners, we have observed innovative BizWorld teaching strategies, modifications, and add-ons. We compiled the best teacher practices from around the globe to enhance our core entrepreneurship curriculum including:

  • Awesome, engaging powerpoint presentations and visuals to accompany the sessions
  • Leveraging classroom technology to allow students to create high quality commercials
  • Going beyond the friendship bracelets and integrating other creative product ideas

We interviewed successful entrepreneurs so that we could bring you the most up-to-date, expert business and entrepreneurship content for empowering students with the knowledge and skills to succeed.

Finally, we developed the new version of the curriculum using 21st century tools. Our BizWorldPRO curriculum is accessible through our blended learning platform. You can find lesson plans, teaching resources, and student assessments in one, easy-to-access digital toolkit. PLUS the tool is built to integrate technology for student use in the right places, to maximize their learning experience.

We’re counting on YOU - each and every educator in our BizWorld community - to check out BizWorldPRO and share your thoughts with us. We are committed to keep innovating for you and for your students!

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