We are proud to introduce


S.T.E.A.M focused entrepreneurship program for middle school. 

Id8 is the next program in the BizWorld pathway. Id8 scaffolds from the foundational principles of creating a business learned in the BizWorldPRO curriculum, yet it is not required to participate in Id8.

Id8 utilizes design thinking, agile development, and technology integration. Young entrepreneurs receive a “challenge” related to everyday situations in the life of middle schoolers which they solve by designing and mocking up an app. The mockup process is based on the principles of design thinking and the engineering design process which matches seamlessly with the entrepreneurial cycle.



Teachers love Id8 because it has: 

  • Easy to follow lesson plans
  • Flexible and adaptable modules
  • Visual support resources
  • Build on lessons from BizWorldPRO or implement as a stand-alone program

Our tools provide your students with an individualized learning experience for even more powerful:

  • Student engagement
  • Real-world connections
  • 21st-century skill building

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I think this business program stood head and shoulders above other programs that I’ve used. Thank you again, for everything. Not only would I be delighted to continue using the BizWorld curriculum in my classroom, but I would wholeheartedly endorse it for any school.
Ryan H., 5th Grade Teacher, CA
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