September 6, 2023

Why BizWorld?

BizWorld is so much more than a program! Together, we form a community passionate about creating a pathway that unlocks the power of entrepreneurship for youth by focusing on the three primary pillars of entrepreneurial success: knowledge, networks and capital.

Pillar 1: Knowledge
They say “knowledge is power.” That’s why we believe in sparking an entrepreneurial mindset in students as young as 3rd grade - all the way through college.

BizWorld programs provide the knowledge and skills youth need to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and recognize and create meaningful opportunities for themselves.

Our elementary and middle school programs, BizWorldPRO, Id8 (coming early 2024) and BizWorld Impact Challenge teach youth the fundamentals of business in a real-life context, paired with 21st century skills in a STEAM framework. Standing alone, or used as a stepping stone, each program builds upon and reinforces the knowledge gained to develop deeper understanding and broader opportunities.

BizWorld’s Young Entrepreneur Success! (YES!) Program provides the necessary tools and resources to accelerate high-potential young entrepreneurs as they create and develop thriving businesses. In this 12 week virtual program, young entrepreneurs (16-22 years) learn from industry professionals through weekly workshops, a self-paced curriculum, network with like-minded peers, and receive one-on-one mentorship.

We know that engaging youth in entrepreneurship education will inspire and set the stage for future leaders.

Pillar 2: Networks
Supporting BizWorld programming is a community of educators, alumni, mentors, donors and educational partners. They share our passion to enable youth from all backgrounds to unlock the power of entrepreneurship to create career opportunities, inspire self-reliance, and build confidence that drives economic prosperity globally.

This community brings programming to life in classrooms, after-school programs, and summer camps - impacting over 850,000 students in diverse settings in 50 States and over 100 countries.

Through YES!, young entrepreneurs from across the globe have been able to meet, learn together, and support each other in their endeavors. Our mentors share their knowledge, network and resources - expanding our impact exponentially.

And the financial support of our donors allows to continue to innovate, expand, and achieve our vision of enabling youth around the world to be prepared for bright futures that support global economic growth and vibrancy.

Pillar 3: Capital
Through the YES! Program we are providing opportunities for youth to have access to capital to make their visions a reality.

Since 2019 we have granted $80,000 to 12 of the top youth-run businesses accelerated through YES!. Eighty-seven percent have continued and progressed their businesses, and 100% have either continued on to higher education or pursued their business goals.

The funding, while relatively small, allows for significant growth and forward momentum for their businesses. It also proves that what they created matters, and that they have the ongoing support of the BizWorld community.

Pulling together, we can strengthen this pillar by growing the BizWorld YES! Seed Fund and sharing access to funding outside our organization. Through our combined networks we can create introductions and opportunities to launch the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs with greater tools and resources than we ourselves experienced at an early age.

Our Dream

When we dream of unlocking the power of entrepreneurship, we are dreaming of raising a generation of problem solvers and change makers. A force of young people whose mindsets are agile, innovative, and thoughtful.

As our programs continue to evolve so does our dream: an equitable ecosystem for young entrepreneurs. An environment where they can thrive regardless of their gender, how young they are, or background. In this ecosystem they can develop and flourish, and learn from and work with each other as their mindsets are nurtured with the tools and support they need.

Twenty five years of experience has shown us that this is possible. Providing young people with guidance, learning opportunities, the space to make their own decisions and test the outcomes and mentorship, equips them for bright futures.

Thank you for being part of the BizWorld community. With your help, we can achieve this dream!

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