May 23, 2024

Global Horizons: ID8 Camp and the 2024 International Summit

In April, the vibrant city of London played host to an extraordinary gathering that symbolized a leap forward in global education. BizWorld's Id8 Camp and 2024 International Summit wasn't just an event; it was a convergence of cultures, ideas, and ambitions aimed at reshaping the future of education and entrepreneurship across continents.

Imagine a room in London buzzing with the energy of twenty young, eager, international minds. This was the scene at our Id8 Camp, where students embarked on a journey through entrepreneurship, design thinking, leadership, and finance. Their mission? To develop an app that solves a real-world problem. This wasn't just learning; it was doing, creating, and innovating in real-time.


As the camp buzzed with youthful innovation, London also served as a vital meeting point for our BizWorld International Partners from China, Japan, London, and the UAE. Each group brought their unique insights and experiences, enriching the tapestry of our collective endeavor. We are so proud to announce that our Japanese contingent has grown from 21 dedicated educators to an impressive 50, each expanding our reach and deepening our impact.

The 2024 International Summit was more than just presentations and networking. It involved enriching team-building activities and strategic sessions focused on nurturing and expanding our global partnerships. We delved into discussions on how best to support our international partners and brainstormed ways to scale the YES! Program to new heights.


Are you drawn to making a difference on a global scale? We invite you to join us as we continue to expand our educational outreach worldwide. Whether you're an educator, a business leader, or a visionary, there's a place for you in our growing family. Express your interest and connect with us through our New Partner Interest Form.

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