March 31, 2015

"Best unit I have taught in my 14 years of teaching!"

December 2014


Meet our Educator of the Month: Kathryn Roehm

Our teacher spotlight provides an opportunity to highlight one of the many inspiring educators out there who are using programs to empower tomorrow's leaders!

We want to recognize Kathryn Roehm, a first-time BizWorld teacher from Olive Branch, Mississippi. Kathryn currently teaches some very creative students in Lewisburg Middle School’s gifted program, S.P.O.T.L.I.G.H.T. While she has much experience teaching, this was her first time incorporating BizWorld into her curriculum, and she raves, “BizWorld was the best unit I have taught in my 14 years of teaching!”

Kathryn was able to get engaged with her students and learn together. She tied the program into their Language Arts unit on charity and used the sales bazaar to raise money to feed families during the Thanksgiving season and donate to a local charity called Ginny’s Child Foundation. What a wonderful way of personalizing the curriculum to her school and giving back to the community!

Reflecting on the program, Kathryn feels confident that the BizWorld experience prepared her students for the real world, “from making their own purchases at stores now to making business decisions later in life.” She also added that it took her students to a new level of leadership! “They learned to be more compassionate of each others opinions without judgment.”

A big shout out to Kathryn Roehm for sharing her success story and for going above and beyond to spark that entrepreneurial drive in her fabulous middle school students! We hope this is just the start of their many achievements!

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