Thank you for your interest in being a volunteer!

At BizWorld we believe in the power of entrepreneurship and the effect it can have on our communities. As a volunteer, you will be positively impacting the lives of young people and giving them an experience they may not have had otherwise.

A large part of our programs are taught in the classroom by the classrooms educator and as such we are not always aware of volunteer opportunities in the classroom. However, on occasion, we have educators reach out to us looking for volunteers from the community that would be willing to come in and fulfill a role in their classroom. This could be a speaking engagement or playing the role of a VC, Banker, shopkeeper, or company advisor.

We are also in the process of building a network of experienced professionals who are looking to give back to their community by becoming a BizWorld Mentor. Students who go through one of our programs and that have been inspired by entrepreneurship are continually looking for a professional mentor to help them find their path and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. 

If you are interested in volunteering in any capacity please fill out this short survey to let us know about your interest. We may not have an immediate volunteer opportunity for you but we will add you to our list of potential volunteers. Also feel free to sign up for our mailing list to stay up to date with news and volunteer opportunites.

We learned that when you become older and more responsible than you are right now, you can take responsibility in what we did and apply to real life effort in business. 
Nikki, Grade 5

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