Menu at a Glance in 2017 provides engaging, hands-on entrepreneurship programs for elementary and middle school students across the nation and around the globe that promote financial responsibility, leadership and teamwork skills.


Teacher Feedback

Teachers who responded to our school year surveys told us what they have to say about’s programs:

98% agree that our programs helped their students connect core content--math, social studies, language, economics--to real world problems.


98% that our programs helped their students learn how to work together to solve problems.

95% agree that our programs develop students' leadership skills.

98% of our teachers report that our programs are effective at teaching  business, entrepreneurship and finance skills. 



Student Results

(Please see our Annual Report for more detailed Impact Data)

A total of 99% of classes demonstrated a positive increase in pre- and post-assessment scores.

Students' business knowledge increased in many areas including: the importance of tracking finances, banks and interest rates, calculating  profit, marketing, manufacturing and investing.

80% of students report that the BizWorld program increased their knowledge of real-world careers.

59% of students report that the BizMovie program increased their interest in technology related careers.


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