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BizWorld Impact Challenge Impact Challenge

Welcome! In this Challenge, students start and run successful businesses using $100 in seed-funding from We challenge classrooms to turn that seed-funding into $500 or more of profit to donate to important social causes while empowering other classrooms to do the same. BizWorld and BizMovie graduates get a chance to apply and enhance their business skills while learning to be socially conscious citizens!


  • Sign up for the Impact Challenge as a follow up experience for your students after teaching the BizWorld and/or BizMovie program.
  • Submit the Funding Agreement to receive teaching materials for the Challenge and the $100 seed funding.
  • Participate in the Challenge anytime early March to late May 2017
  • Send in Impact Report by end of May 2017 and stay tuned for full impact summary and winners!



  • Utilize the business skills learned in BizWorld/BizMovie to launch their own businesses
  • Practice their 21st century skills (collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication) in an authentic business setting
  • Gain more experience about why businesses succeed or fail
  • Be creative and confident in their abilities to make a positive change in the world
  • Develop increased empathy and compassion for others 

Highlights from Past Impact Challenges

"It is always good to think of others and ways we can help others.  Often we get too focused on our own needs and wants.  Children need to realize they are powerful and they can make a difference."

-Sherri, Teacher, Grade 4

"Raising money for a good cause made my students feel special."

-Francie, Teacher, Grade 5

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Overview, benefits, program content and more.

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