BizWorld Celebrates a Successful YES! DEMO DAY

Thank you to all of our supporters who made BizWorld’s inaugural Demo Day event a smashing success! It was a thrilling experience to showcase the inspiring business plans of our young entrepreneurs who were mentored through their participation in the YES! Program.

This celebratory event signified the culmination of our students’ YES! entrepreneurial journey: a summer highlighted by immersive workshop experiences, webinars and transformative 1:1 virtual mentorship sessions, all in preparation for the opportunity to pitch their business ideas to a panel of investors for seed funding.

We are so proud of our Demo Day Finalists, who were awarded funding based on their business’ viability:

John Ciocca, Founder of youBelong

Mathew Galvez, Founder of LOTTAWorldwide

James Green, Founder of FixMyKix

It is with tremendous gratitude that we thank our community members and sponsors who have invested their time, resources and expertise in bringing the YES! Program to fruition. Together, we created a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem, rich in expert mentorship and supported by a community of sponsors who believed in our mission to provide an accessible, inclusive and equitable pathway to entrepreneurship from early education to young adulthood.

BizWorld’s 2020 future vision will continue to invest in the forward momentum and expansion of the YES! Program - It is our desire to grow our network of impact across the globe and support the next generation of business leaders and innovators, propelling them towards success!

Take action today and become part of this movement by signing up to become a mentor and invest in the future of our community today!

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