Teacher Testimonials helped my students understand the complexities required to start, operate and finance their own movie production company. My students were able to receive real-world, financial literacy skills in an incredibly engaging, creative and collaborative way.
Francisco O., 6th Grade Teacher, CA
Our school is Title 1, high poverty and for our students, BizWorld is something that they all enjoy. We spend time everyday learning about business and making bracelets and then we have a selling day to other classes in the school. The other classes love coming in and buying the bracelets. It is something that all of the students look forward to every year. It gives them courage to try something new. It gives the students a sense of the real world. It gives the students pride in their products. I can't explain all of the enthusiasm the students have for participating in BizWorld. We even have the companies make commercials to show to the other classes using the iMovie app. This exposure to the real world is something these students thrive for. Even our low achievers are performing their duties in BizWorld. It is the best!
Xela A., 6th Grade Teacher, UT


As always, BizWorld continues to teach my students about the world of finance and being an entrepreneur, all while having fun. I would recommend this activity to any teacher who wants their students totally engaged in an activity that teaches lessons necessary for life.
Joanne C., 6th Grade Teacher, NJ
I like that students learned real world information (stocks, business management, finances, etc.) through a hands-on experience. Students experienced math; they didn’t just learn it.
5th Grade teacher, CA


I love the BizWorld program! It has definitely become an important and permanent part of my curriculum and it is one of the highlights of my students' class. We all look forward to it and learn so much about teamwork, math skills, communication skills, problem solving skills and running a business.
Tara H., 7th Grade Teacher, UT
I know that this is something that complements much of what we are trying to accomplish at our school—problem solving, cooperative learning, integration of subject material, higher-order thinking, and real world learning.  I know that my students will retain the information better than they would have if I relied solely on our textbook.
Arika C., 5th Grade Teacher, GA
This program met and exceeded the requirements for language arts in that the companies had to plan for and deliver their pitches, [and] create print advertising. For math, students learned that accuracy is of critical importance. Critical thinking, decision making, and teamwork were some of the most valuable experiences I observed.
Patricia C., 6th Grade Teacher, CA
The program excites students and gets them interested in business.  This continues to be a major highlight of the year for my students.
Mary A., 5th Grade Teacher, MO
Students learned math skills, higher order thinking skills, speaking skills, personal skills, and the list goes on.  Many of them couldn’t put into words what I saw in action.  Students made eye contact when helping ‘customers’, shook hands with ‘important people’, and used many new social skills learned in this program.
Lori S., 3rd Grade Teacher, VA
Having the kids start a business with real products was perfect!  I also liked the constant math/finance parts, learning about banks, loans, etc…It opened up the whole financial literacy piece for them.
Carole H., Gifted & Talented Teacher, NC
I have not had students so engaged in a meaningful learning opportunity in a long time – from gifted to special needs!
Meg A., 4th Grade Teacher, WI
I loved the real-life authenticity of the tasks and concepts. The students learned so much more about the business world than I could have presented without this curriculum.
6th grade teacher, NC
I think this business program stood head and shoulders above other programs that I’ve used. Thank you again, for everything. Not only would I be delighted to continue using the BizWorld curriculum in my classroom, but I would wholeheartedly endorse it for any school.
Ryan H., 5th Grade Teacher, CA
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