We are proud to introduce


The next generation of BizWorld is available now. 

BizWorldPRO is the next generation, blended-learning toolkit for teaching our project-based entrepreneurship program, BizWorld. This program provides you with a turnkey, fully-guided curriculum and a variety of digital tools to make it easier than ever to bring the entrepreneurship experience to your classroom.

 BizWorldPRO teaches children the basics of entrepreneurship, business, and finance. This project-based learning (PBL) program gives students the opportunity to learn business basics.  Working in teams of six, students start, fund, and run their own companies making products created from simple craft materials. The students go through the entire BizWorld Entrepreneurship Cycle and the program culminates with the Sales Bazaar, an exciting opportunity to engage other students, parents, administrators, and community members. The BizWorld currency, BizBucks, helps students gain financial knowledge as they spend, save, get loans and other financing to support their businesses. During the BizWorldPRO experience, students have multiple opportunities to practice leadership, teamwork, and decision making, while honing their math and communication skills.


Teachers love BizWorldPRO because it has: 

Easy to follow lesson plans and materials
Flexible and adaptable modules to easily fit your schedule
New visual resources such as powerpoints and videos
New and improved content
And more! 

Our tools provide your students with an 
individualized learning experience for even more powerful:

Student engagement
Real-world connections
21st-century skill building

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Program at a glance


Levels 3-8




Technology Requirements
  • Reliable internet connection
  • Projection screen to present guided Powerpoint lessons to class
  • Access to one computer per group for select sessions
  • (optional) 1:1 devices for students to complete worksheets electronically using their own student accounts on the BizWorldPRO platform. Paper booklet option also available


Seventeen (17) 45-60 minute sessions  
  • Modifications and extensions available
  • Approximately 17-20+ hours total




  •  Learn basic business vocabulary
  • Divide into company groups and develop teamwork skills
  • Build resumes, apply for jobs, and interview for positions
  • Incorporate company with the state
  • Create company identity and a business plan
  • Pitch to venture capitalists and sell stock in exchange for initial funding
  • Manage cash flow by keeping track of all finances throughout the program
  • Design product ideas and create prototypes
  • Manufacture all products
  • Apply for a bank loan as needed
  • Create a marketing campaign, including a unique logo, slogan, website, and advertisements
  • Sell products to customers and generate revenue
  • Calculate final finances to determine whether or not the company was profitable
  • Reflect on the process to think about how decisions affected the company


Teacher Benefits
  • Connects academic content to the real world
  • Enhances 21st Century Skills: collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity
  • Project-based format creates high student engagement
  • Meangingful way to engage parents/volunteers in your classroom
  • Built-in student pre- and post-assessments
  • Aligned to standards (Common Core Standards and ISTE NETS)
  • Blended learning toolkit with lesson plans, powerpoints, videos
  • Adaptable for different grade levels and classroom settings
  • Affordable


  • FUN and engaging!
  • Showcases their individual talents
  • Opportunity to work in teams
  • Appeals to interest in technology
  • Chance to be creative in the classroom
  • Provides options and allows students to make choices throughout the program
I think this business program stood head and shoulders above other programs that I’ve used. Thank you again, for everything. Not only would I be delighted to continue using the BizWorld curriculum in my classroom, but I would wholeheartedly endorse it for any school.
Ryan H., 5th Grade Teacher, CA
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