Sponsorship Application

Thank you for your interest in! Please fill out this application to apply for sponsorship to cover a portion of the cost of your program. Our reduced-cost materials are paid for by our generous donors and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. We are a small nonprofit, and we are only able to provide reduced-cost programs to a limited number of in-need schools based on qualifications determined by our grant funding. If you are approved for funding, we will contact you directly. A waiting period will be required as funds become available.

The most heavily weighted factors for our sponsorship funding are:

1. The need for BizWorld programs in your classroom

2. Your plan to implement BizWorld programs in your class

3. The funding you have available through your school

Please note: Due to our current grant funding, the sponsorship only covers the cost of the program kit excluding any shipping costs. We are unable to sponsor kits internationally at this time.


This program met and exceeded the requirements for language arts in that the companies had to plan for and deliver their pitches, [and] create print advertising. For math, students learned that accuracy is of critical importance. Critical thinking, decision making, and teamwork were some of the most valuable experiences I observed.
Patricia C., 6th Grade Teacher, CA
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