We’re excited to announce BizWorldPRO - the next generation blended-learning toolkit for teaching our project-based entrepreneurship program.

Whether you’re new to our entrepreneurship programs or a legacy BizWorld educator, we’re here to help you easily transition to BizWorldPRO

What is the update?

BizWorldPRO is our newest, most comprehensive version of our flagship entrepreneurship program, BizWorld. It includes all the great content of prior versions, plus new tools and enriched content. BizWorldPRO provides subscription-based access to our turnkey, fully guided curriculum and includes a variety of digital tools to make teaching even easier.


How does this affect me?

All previous versions of the BizWorld program prior to BizWorldPRO (BizWorld 1.0 to BizWorld 4.0) will be referenced as BizWorld Classic and discontinued starting January 2018. This includes Classic versions of teacher manuals, students workbooks, BizBucks, and stock cards.

Transition to BizWorldPRO to access the most up-to-date resources for teaching youth entrepreneurship. Get started by ordering BizWorldPRO at 

If you have Classic materials and supplies you can continue to teach, use your portal account, manage your classes, and administer pre- and post-assessments. After January 3rd you will need to reset your portal password before logging in.


Welcome to the BizWorld community! You can get started by purchasing your BizWorldPRO subscription and materials here. Once you create your account, please see our User Guide for more detailed instructions on getting started.


BizMovie 2.0 and BizWiz 2.0 program kits will still be available. You can create a free account at to purchase these programs, manage your classes and administer pre- and post-assessments.


How can I get more information?

  • Learn more about BizWorldPRO's features and benefits here
  • Review our detailed FAQ
  • Email us at or call us at 415 503 5880.
  • Request a short demonstration
I think this business program stood head and shoulders above other programs that I’ve used. Thank you again, for everything. Not only would I be delighted to continue using the BizWorld curriculum in my classroom, but I would wholeheartedly endorse it for any school.
Ryan H., 5th Grade Teacher, CA
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