BizWorld is a Must Teach For Me

Tanya Wright, a 6th grade teacher at White Cliffs Middle School in Kingman, Arizona who has been teaching the BizWorld program for more than eight years, has seen her students develop the key attributes important to entrepreneurs through the program. “I have witnessed the huge personal growth that students make in the few weeks it takes to teach BizWorld,” said Wright. “That carries over into other aspects of their lives which makes this a worthwhile experience for my students.”

Wright has seen quiet kids be assertive and unlikely leaders become the heroes of the company, while students with big personalities share the spotlight and compromise, as well as the sense of team spirit that develops as a result. “These are huge social skills that really cannot be taught they need to be experienced,” Wright said.

Wright finds the BizWorld program to be a valuable experience for her students because it is hands-on and requires them to work together verbally, artistically, mathematically and with written words. They quickly learn that if they don’t work together they will struggle and sometimes fail.

At the end of the program each year, Wright asks her students to write a paper about their experience. “The majority of my students wrote about how they learned to actually work in a group, make compromises and become a team to succeed,” said Wright. “This cemented the program for me as a must teach every year and I have done so ever since.”

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