GoAnimate for School Discontinued

GoAnimate for Schools Subscriptions to Be Discontinued

GoAnimate has decided to discontinue its GoAnimate for Schools product, and consequently, subscriptions to GoAnimate for Schools will no longer be sold as part of our BizMovie program as of May 6th, 2018. The GoAnimate for Schools platform will be operational until June 30, 2019, so you may sign up or obtain a renewal for this coming school year until Monday, May 6, 2018. Subscription sales will end after that date. Your existing GoAnimate subscription will last until its natural expiration date, or June 30, 2019, whichever comes first. After May 6, BizMovie’s price will be reduced to $250.

BizMovie educators can continue to teach BizMovie by using any movie-making platform, or by having your students perform their movies. We have developed a list of alternative movie-making products, for both animated and non-animated films. See alternatives here.

If you would like to read more about GoAnimate's decision to discontinue GoAnimate for Schools you can find out more here.

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