Join Us for the BizWorld Impact Challenge

We are thrilled to announce that our annual Impact Challenge will take place on March 18th until June 7th, 2019. Teachers, it’s a wonderful opportunity to challenge classrooms to run successful businesses to turn $100 into $500 of profit to donate to meaningful social causes while empowering other classrooms to do the same. Help encourage your students to nurture their entrepreneurial spirit and become socially conscious citizens!

Here is how it works:

  1. After teaching the BizWorld and/or BizMovie program, submit an application for your class to participate in the Impact Challenge.

  2. Approved classrooms will receive instructions for accessing curriculum and receiving teaching materials for the Challenge for a small participation fee.

  3. Fund your own classroom or receive an optional start-up loan of $100 from

  4. Participate in the Challenge anytime between March 18th to June 7th, 2019

  5. Send in your Impact Report by June 7, 2019 and stay tuned for a full impact summary and winners!

We look forward to having you, our BizWorld family of educational leaders and students, participate in this impactful challenge!

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