Leadership through Ryann's eyes

Ryann was the CEO of a company in Jackie Adams’ 4th grade class at Alta Loma Elementary in Phoenix, AZ. As the leader of a company, Ryann learned a lot about building a team. “As CEO, I had the challenge of bringing everyone together,” Ryan said. “There were two people in my business who didn't like each other so I had to bring them together so we would be able to work.“

Ryann also learned that being the boss doesn’t mean getting your way all the time; running a business requires a lot of compromise. “Don't expect everything to go your way because you might be wrong,” he said. “You have to listen to other people’s ideas.”

While the BizWorld program and being CEO was a challenge, Ryann found the overall experience rewarding. “It is fun, it teaches a lot about the real world, and it helps you bond with others,” Ryann said. He also added, “Wow, I'm glad I'm a kid!"

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