Why I love BizWorld

Why I love BizWorld

By Kari Andersen, CEO, BizWorld Denmark

I’ve been honored to lead BizWorld in Denmark for the last 3 years. I was recently reminded of the power of the BizWorld program by a group of children, 3rd through 6th graders, who participated in a BizWorld after-school program at the Copenhagen International School (CIS) here in Denmark.

These kids were in multi-age teams, the older ones taking the younger under their wings. Each team formed companies and together they worked to make products they could sell for money they wanted to raise for good causes. They worked hard on designing and manufacturing their own bookmarks and friendship bracelets, raising money from investors and developing their own marketing campaigns. They kept careful track of their finances along the way, making sure to manage their expenses while preparing for the big sales day. They were very motivated to do well since they wanted to help the CIS high school group that was working to support an orphanage in Peru, and a micro-credit program for women in Ghana.

My favorite moment was when these kids, ages 8-12, presented their earnings to their fellow high schoolers. The pride and delight showed on their faces when they presented 1,000kr ($150) to their elder school mates. The high schoolers were clearly surprised at how much the BizWorld kids had accomplished. In the end, I believe everyone learned that you’re never too young to learn about the positive impact you can have on the world, and even young entrepreneurs can have a big impact. BizWorld has taught that lesson to our students in a way they will never forget.

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