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Class Sponsorships 

Congratulations young entrepreneurs! You can give the gift of the BizWorld or BizMovie experience to a classroom of students who really want it. Your gift of $250 will buy a teacher and 30 children a complete BizWorld experience.  Everything they need will be "in the box" and they will learn all about business while having fun.  Just like you!
Read about a few teachers who want and need your help.


In the last 15 years our town has lost the textile industry, the tobacco industry and now our largest employer is cutting jobs. I want my students to have a "real" experience with business. My hope is to spark their interest in becoming business owners, not just to teach them about business, but hopefully have them be a part of our future success. Our town is suffering economically and we need to prepare them for a brighter future.

The majority of my students come from poverty stricken environments and I want to be able to show them that starting a business can be a true reality. I am hoping that they will take what they learn, start a business and add to our community.

Lori, North Carolina, 7th grade teacher
Sponsorship Cost: $250



My school is economically diverse however, many of my students come to school without supplies and lack parental support at home. By infusing various technology and tactile-driven activities into my curriculum, I feel as though I can reach a wide range of students and teach them important skills they will need for the next stage of life.

I am requesting a program for my classroom because I absolutely love the resources they have created. The kids learn so much in an innovative hands-on fashion. I am hoping to incorporate more technology into my curriculum since most of my students don't have access outside of the classroom. I feel that the BizMovie program would be a perfect fit. 

Thank you for your consideration.

Aimee, Illinois, 5rd grade teacher
Sponsorship Cost: $300


Our school is a new charter school with emphases in STEAM and Financial Literacy, thus, BizWorld's excellent financial education programs are a perfect fit for our students. 

The costs of opening a new school are significant (site acquisition, furniture, curriculum, staffing, etc.), and because we are a new charter, state funding will be delayed by several months. Therefore, the funds are not available for additional curriculum at this time.

As you know, BizWorld is an amazing program that makes an impact on students, the school and on our community. Please give me the opportunity to expand that impact by implementing these programs at my school.

Devon, California, 4th & 5th grade teacher
Sponsorship Cost: $250



Greetings from Bulogo Primary School, Uganda East Africa. My name is Rachael Naigaga and I am a head teacher of a rural government primary school in Uganda called Bulogo Primary School, Kamuli Eastern Uganda. We are the only school in the area with enrollment of 800 pupils, both boys and girls. We are under the government program of Education for all where pupils don't pay school fees. Our learners come from remote poor families and many of them orphans due to HIV/AIDS.

Learning about you great program that imparts entrepreneurial skills among learners has led me to contact you. Please involve us in this great program that will transform not only our school but community as well.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Ruth, Headteacher
Bulogo Primary School, Uganda East Africa
Sponsorship Cost: $500


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