Student Testimonials


Students learn about RESPONSIBILITY

You have to keep track of all of the money while making sure you have enough money to pay loans and expenses. You also have to keep manufacturing on track.
Brady, Grade 6

I learned about how to make a company and...also how it feels when you work in a company. I also learned how to be an employee and how it is to be the VP of Marketing. 
Stephanie, Grade 5

We learned that when you become older and more responsible than you are right now, you can take responsibility in what we did and apply to real life effort in business.
Nikki, Grade 5

I learned how to start the business. Like, I have to get money for renting the space, and give money to the people who work for the business!
Moad, Grade 6

I learned all about financing, and I was so educated about sales. My vocabulary in business has grown. I finally know what all the wacky words mean like negotiate. I've learned how to create a creative slogan and I have also improved in my art skills by drawing the logo for my company. I've learned to get along with people just from this experience.
Saranna, Grade 3

I learned how to be responsible and extra careful with your BizBucks! I also learned to be helpful. I learned how to run a company properly and with full confidence. I learned how to be on a commercial and not be shy when you are filming!
Anshika, Grade 3

Students learn about LEADERSHIP

I learned how to be a leader, how to be an entrepreneur, how to start a business, and how to negotiate with others around me.
Jasmine, Grade 4

I learned so much about how to motivate people that are hard to get going, I also made tons of new friends.
Brianna, Grade 5

My employees were hard on me but after a while I took charge ...I learned how my position works and that my employees jobs are kind of the same as mine, they all are a big part in the company which made our business great.
Debra, Grade 8

Students learn about TEAMWORK

I learned about teamwork, that you have to listen to other people when there is a team of people, and you can't always do everything YOUR way, therefore there is a lot of sacrifices. You also have to know right from wrong, and have good ethics.
Michaela, Grade 6

My group had lots of issues and I think that the most important thing that I learned was to listen to other people's ideas. If I ever get to do this again I would do a much better job at teamwork.
Kendall, Grade 6

Students had FUN

I just want to say that BizWorld is fun, creative, and cool.
Casey, Grade 5

I like BizWorld because I learned how to make friendship bracelets and how fun it is to be in a business.
Stephanie, Grade 5

My favorite part of BizWorld was the sales bazaar. I had a lot of fun with that. I liked doing the commercial and just being successful. I also liked manufacturing because I made a product that I liked to make a lot.
Catherine, Grade 4

BizWorld is the most fun thing I have ever done in all schools OR grades because you actually get to start your own mini company! All you have to do to make BizWorld the funnest is to try your hardest to excel in your company!
Nikita, Grade 3



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