Saquib Saiyed (16), Founder

Funded $10,000

Minima's mission is to deliver creative solutions that are focused on real-world experiences.



Akeila (16), Founder

Funded $5,000

Akki's Cupcakery & Tea is an online bakery that distributes FRESHLY MADE Vegan, Keto, Paleo, and Gluten-free Cakes and Cupcakes using healthier organic ingredients.


Nitya (16), Founder

Doughkeeper is a financial management app specifically designed for kids.


Karthik (18), CEO
Kushi (17), COO

Funded $10,000

Amity Connections is a health-based technology company that offers a mobile platform that connects family members with the health of their elders by aggregating real-time health data from smart medical devices onto a single mobile platform.


Her-Rah! 1st Bra

McKenna (16), Founder

Funded $5,000

Her-Rah! 1st Bra was founded to help girls celebrate the milestone of buying their first bra by creating fun, exciting, and customizable first bra options!



 Kiyner Corp

Kiyle (17), Founder & CEO

Funded 5,000

Kiyner Corp - owned by Kiyle Gardner is a Florida startup trying to disrupt the baby pacifier market with an innovative multi-utility product (patent pending) that should transform the product category and its benefits and help establish a brand new revenue model for the industry with a potential to grow it by 20X.



Ishan Sinha (16), Founder & CEO                     
Jacob Frumkin (17), CIO

Opex provides location-monitoring solutions for a variety of purposes including (but not limited to) covid contract tracing, asset protection, security placement, and activity monitoring. 



Itzel (19), Founder

Bazoink is a community center that focuses on fostering connectivity in youth by offering activities, food, and boba tea. 


JeNoah (15), Founder

Urban Stereotype is a clothing brand that supports positive Cultural diversity worldwide.


Bella (14), Founder

Tleggings is a high-quality affordable athletic apparel company.


Bear (19), Founder & Head of Relations

Astra Labs is non-profit organization that develops technology for communities in need.


Lookman (15), Founder

HoneeyK is an online service that allows Men and Women to rent high-end designer fashion from leading designers and brands for a fraction of the purchase price.


Grant (18), Founder

1776 Social Media Marketing is a digital marketing agency.



Miranda (15), CEO & Co-founder  Valentina(16), CEO & Co-founder 

Learn is a global platform that provides students with elevated tools to enhance career aspirations. Learn does this by offering a unique education to students in Costa Rica who aren’t fluent in English to learn from students who are. Learn educates the future workforce to connect them with job positions.



Loomi Hair & Body

Cassandra Mckay (15), Founder & CEO

Loomi Hair & Body (branch of Blank Cosmetics) makes affordable, top quality hair care products to help boost confidence in females of all ages.  They specialize in black hair care products. 


New World Narrative

Yabundu Conteh (22), Founder & CEO

New World Narrative's mission is to use digital storytelling as a medium to ignite social change amongst disenfranchised youth as well as promote youth advocacy, healthcare, and education opportunities for people of the Bronx and beyond. The startup is two-fold: establishing a summer social justice arts program for high school students and forming a sustainable clothing line to amplify key social messages


 Empire Cosmetics

Sarah Clein (18), Founder & CEO

Empire cosmetics creates innovative cosmetic packaging that increases the ease and effectiveness of makeup-application, while also cutting down on plastic waste.


Repairing Resolutions

Leonid Cherevko (16), Co-Founder                   
Tymofii Zharov (17) Co-Founder Matthew Jeong (16), Co-Founder                     
Mark Gurevicj (16), Co-Founder

Repairing Resolutions makes repair kits that are the one-step solution to all house repairs.  These affordable, eco-friendly, and easily storable kits provide materials needed for multiple small-scaled house repairs. Be prepared to repair.



Connor Chatterjee (16), CEO and Co-Founder 
John Paul Mitiguy (16), Co-Founder

UniArt is a hub created for high school/college students to sell their creative works for profit in an effort to mitigate the national issue of college debt.

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