Winter Cohort


Dual Robots

Will Ouyang (16)
Kyle Ouyang (18)

Dual Robots are dedicated to creating a zero-emission, smart, and dual-function robot to
the market to solve the emission issue.



Saquib Saiyed (16), Founder

Minima's mission is to deliver creative solutions that are focused on real-world experiences. 



Tanvi Jammula (18), Founder

TimeTek is a transformative management app that acts as a digital personal assistant and
smart agenda combined into one app.

Jeeva Senthilnathan (21) Founder

Privando's mission is to create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone, so everyone can live their dream. Creating a livable world for all women.

Afrah Suja (19), Founder

CorteX Wellness aims to reduce the increasingly drastic situation of youth mental health in the UAE. Our mission is to promote healthier and happier lives for the next generation by ensuring that mental health upkeep support and resources are made accessible and appealing for students.




Miranda (15), CEO & Co-founder                          Valentina(16), CEO & Co-founder 

Learn is a global platform that provides students with elevated tools to enhance career aspirations. Learn does this by offering a unique education to students in Costa Rica who aren’t fluent in English to learn from students who are. Learn educates the future workforce to connect them with job positions.



Loomi Hair & Body

Cassandra Mckay (15), Founder & CEO

Loomi Hair & Body (branch of Blank Cosmetics) makes affordable, top quality hair care products to help boost confidence in females of all ages.  They specialize in black hair care products. 



New World Narrative

Yabundu Conteh (22), Founder & CEO

New World Narrative's mission is to use digital storytelling as a medium to ignite social change amongst disenfranchised youth as well as promote youth advocacy, healthcare, and education opportunities for people of the Bronx and beyond. The startup is two-fold: establishing a summer social justice arts program for high school students and forming a sustainable clothing line to amplify key social messages


 Empire Cosmetics

Student (18), Founder & CEO

Empire cosmetics creates innovative cosmetic packaging that increases the ease and effectiveness of makeup-application, while also cutting down on plastic waste.



Repairing Resolutions

Leonid Cherevko (16), Co Founder                    Tymofii Zharov (17) Co Founder.                          Matthew Jeong (16), Co Founder                      Mark Gurevicj (16), Co Founder

Repairing Resolutions makes repair kits that are the one step solution to all house repairs.  These affordable, eco friendly, and easily storable kits provide materials needed for multiple small-scaled house repairs. Be prepared to repair.



Connor Chatterjee (16), CEO and Co-Founder  John Paul Mitiguy (16), Co-Founder

UniArt is a hub created for high school/college students to sell their creative works for profit in an effort to mitigate the national issue of college debt.

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