Bella Lin (16), Founder & CEO
Sunnyvale, California

GuineaLoft is a guinea pig cage that resembles a modern loft with an all-around unobstructed view. It's also mess-free because acrylic walls prevent beddings from getting kicked out. 



Nitya Jakka (17), CEO
Naperville, Illinois

Terraclu is a website and sensor system that predicts ethylene output levels of crops during transportation and storage to recommend temperature and humidity changes that ensure crops are delivered at the ideal ripeness while optimizing energy use. 



Wyatt Ehrhardt (17), Founder &CEO
Verona, Wisconsin

MyConductor is an app that can read your music, play it, show you when to play each note, listen to you play the music, and give you feedback on it. 



Eshan Ali (17), Founder & CEO
Windermere, Florida

NurtiList is a comprehensive platform that provides shoppers with easy access to all label data, allowing them to make informed choices while grocery shopping. The platform will offer the ability to create and save grocery lists, enabling customers to plan ahead and conveniently share their lists with family members.


Shower Saver

Sasha Ovalle (16), CEO
Lola Ololade (18), CMO
Los Angeles, California

Shower Saver is a showerhead that can pause water flow with the aid of Amazon Echo voice recognition technology. Simply say, "Echo shower off" or "Echo shower on". Shower Saver fits all standard shower arms and is easy to install in less than 5 minutes without the need of any professional assistance.



Tre Simmons (17), CEO & Founder
Lacey, Washington

DermWatch will commercialize a Convolutional Neural Network to identify the "danger-level" of skin lesions/moles in patients. Patients will take a picture of their lesion/mole and update it to the app interface. The lesion/mole will then be analyzed by the neural network. The neural network will report back the "danger level" on a scale of 1-10. This danger level will be linear to the similarity in the set of dangerous lesions being analyzed by the neural network. Danger levels will not be acting as a diagnosis, yet as a recommendation to as if the consumer should visit their health professional.



Abhiskeh Shanbhag (12), CEO & Founder
Ashburn, Viriginia

Using gamification, Bizzlearn is a financial literacy app for kids aged 10 through 16.



Sriram Kakumanu (17), CMO & CFO
Sahil Hora (17), CEO
Rithvik Chikoti (17), CTO, COO
Ashvin Jayanthi (16), CIO
Frisco, Texas

PlateConnect, aims to reduce food waste and alleviate food insecurity by providing a user-friendly interface that enables restaurants and grocery stores to easily donate their surplus food by connecting them with nearby food banks and charities that need food. 



Adithi Radhakrishan (17), Co-Founder
Manya Bhagat (16), Co-Founder
Cary, North Carolina

BioWear is a novel 100% jackfruit waste-based biofiber that is completely biodegradable and allows customers to wear eco-friendly clothing without sacrificing comfort and style.

Sarthak Gupta (16), CEO & Founder
Alexander Rodrigues (17), Co-Founder
Tampa, Florida

Signify is an Artificial Intelligence and machine learning-powered platform that uses image processing to convert sign language into English text, which is then spoken aloud by a text-to-speech synthesizer. 

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